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An audio module for fastai v2. We want to help you build audio machine learning applications while minimizing the need for audio domain expertise.

Quick Start

Google Colab Notebook

Zachary Mueller's class


Install using pip:

pip install fastaudio

If you plan on contributing to the library instead, you will need to do a editable install:

# Optional step if using conda
conda create -n fastaudio python=3.7
conda activate fastaudio
# Editable install
git clone
cd fastaudio
pip install -e .[dev,testing]
pre-commit install


To run the tests and verify everything is working, run the following command from the fastaudio/ folder (only applicable after doing the editable install steps):


This will run all of the test suit, reporting if there are any errors and also giving a code coverage report. Adittionally, there are extra checks that pre-commit run automatically every commit to verify the formatting and flake8 violations. If you want to run those manually, the command is pre-commit run

Contributing to the library

We are looking for contributors of all skill levels. If you don't have time to contribute, please at least reach out and give us some feedback on the library.

Make sure that you have activated the environment that you used pre-commit install in so that pre-commit knows where to run the git hooks.

How to contribute

Create issues, write documentation, suggest/add features, submit PRs. We are open to anything. A good first step would be posting in the v2 audio thread introducing yourself.


This project has been set up using PyScaffold 3.2.3. For details and usage information on PyScaffold see


Please come and ask us questions about audio related tasks in our discord


If you used this library in any research, please cite us.

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